Snippets for yer computer needs



keystrokes desc
C-x C-c quit
C-g stop command


keystrokes desc
C-x C-f find file
C-x C-s save file
C-x s save buffers to files
M-x recover-this-file Recover file from an auto-save file

buffers, windows, tabs

keystrokes desc
C-x b switch buffers
C-x C-b list buffers
C-x 1 one window, kill all others
C-x t b open new tab with buffer


keystrokes desc
C-h C-t show Emacs TODO
C-h m show module info
C-h n show version changelog
C-h i show manuals


keystrokes desc
M-x fundmental-mode Fundamental mode (apostrophe is word separator)
M-x text-mode Text mode (intended for human language)

misc text

keystrokes desc
M-x auto-fill-mode split text
C-x f Set fill mode margin (default 70 chars)


keystrokes desc
M-x telnet telnet to a server
M-x report-emacs-bug report a bug
M-x calc calc mode
M-x lunar-phases phases of the moon
M-x doctor “doctor” chatbot


keystrokes desc
M-x list-packages lists installed packages and packages available from repos
M-x package-refresh-contents Update package list
C-h P describe package
key desc
i mark for installation
u unmark
x execute action on package


Keyboard shortcuts

shortcut desc
ctrl-k ctrl-s keyboard shortcut menu
ctrl-\ split pane