Snippets for yer computer needs



keystrokes desc
C-x C-c quit
C-g stop command


keys M-x desc
C-x C-f   find file
C-x C-s   save file
C-x s   save buffers to files
  recover-this-file Recover file from an auto-save file


keys desc
C-x b switch buffers
C-x C-b list buffers


keys desc
C-x t b open new tab with buffer
C-x t 2 new tab


keys desc
C-x 0 delete active window
C-x 1 one window, kill all others
C-x 2 split window below
C-x 3 split window right
C-x 4 b change buffer in other window


keys desc
C-x 5 2 Create new frame
C-x 5 b Switch buffer in other frame
C-x 5 0 Delete active frame
C-x 5 1 Delete other frames


M-x desc
fundmental-mode Fundamental mode (apostrophe is word separator)
text-mode Text mode (intended for human language)

misc text

keys M-x desc
  auto-fill-mode split text
C-x f   Set fill mode margin (default 70 chars)
C-x 8 e i emoj-insert  
C-x 8 e s emoji-search  


bookmarks are persistent across sessions

keys desc
C-x r m Set bookmark
C-x r l List bookmarks
C-x r b Jump to bookmark


M-x desc
shell comint-driven shell
ansi-term ANSI terminal emulator


Append C-h to a prefix key for combination documentation

M-x customize to customize settings, M-x customize-browse for tree mode

C-h i m opens up the builtin manuals C-h R to open a specific manual

info reader

M-x info / C-h i

Key Purpose
[ previous node
] next node
l back in history
r forward in history
n next sibling node
p previous sibling node
u one level to a parent node
SPC scroll one screen at a time
TAB cycle through cross-references and links
RET opens the active link
m prompts for a menu item name and opens it
q closes the info browser


key M-x desc
  apropos search everything
C-h a apropos-command search commands
C-h d apropos-documentation search documentation


key M-x desc
C-h m describe-mode major mode documentation
C-h x describe-command command documentation
C-h f describe-function function documentation
C-h v describe-variable variable documentation
C-h k describe-key key binding documentation
key desc
i open info manual
s go to source
c customize interface

Bug Reference Mode

Built-in in version 28.2

((nil . ((bug-reference-url-format . "")
         (bug-reference-bug-regexp . "\\(\\[\\([A-Z]+-[0-9]+\\)\\]\\)"))))

File local variables


-*- mode: mode-name; variable: value -*-


Local Variables:
mode: mode-name
variable: value