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Printing out letters with a labelmaker

Not what the typical advice is (which is generally to learn entirely from touch typing).

I think there’s a middle road, and that’s to print out the letters with a labelmaker. This helps on the pesky lesser-used letters, and gets your brain wrapped around the finger patterns faster. The letters will fall off naturally over time, replace as/if necessary.


Once you’ve wrapped your head around the keyboard basics it’s more interesting to try typing in something other than random words.

pip install --user amphetype

Old Google site


Tarmak is a way to transition incrementally to Colemak. Doesn’t come standard with macOS.


There’s a slightly more ergonomic typing layout called Colemak-DH

While there’s macOS keyboard layouts, apparently macOS will boot you back to a normal keyboard if you use these for sensitive inputs (which would be a big hassle/problem when typing in a hurry).

amphetype - most common 2-3 letter shortcuts/commands