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Project Management



project your_project_id "Dave life" 2022-01-01 +10y {
  # timingresolution needs to be the first line
  timingresolution 2h
  # Set the default time zone for the project. If not specified, UTC
  # is used.
  timezone "America/Edmonton"
  # Hide the clock time. Only show the date.
  timeformat "%Y-%m-%d"

  #workinghours mon-fri 6:00 - 8:00, 16:00 - 17:00, 18:00 - 20:00
  # Setting to noon, since I paint on Sundays and efficiency drops on Saturday
  #workinghours sat, sun 9:00 - 12:00, 13:00 - 17:00, 18:00 - 20:00

  # vacation hours til the 3rd

  # Default # of hours in a day is 8
  dailyworkinghours 4

  outputdir "output"

task "thing" {
  limits {
    dailymax 2h { resources dev }

  # projectstart is a builtin macro
  start ${projectstart}
  journalentry 2022-01-01 "project update"

task wduedate "due date" {
  start ${projectstart}
  end %{2022-2-28 - 2w}

include "other_file.tji"

# Gantt chart for next 4 weeks
taskreport overview "" {
  end  %{${now} + 4w}
  columns name, start, end, effort,
          chart { scale day }
  # %a - abbreviated workday
  timeformat "%a %Y-%m-%d"
  loadunit days
  hideresource 1

# Create an iCalendar file with the next 4 weeks of items
icalreport ical "ical" {
  end  %{${today} + 4w}
  hidetask ~(isleaf())
  hideresource 1


# List tasks
task list

# Add a task
task add Creating a task
# Add a task to a project
task add project:foo Creating a task

# Add a tag
task $ID modify +mytag
# Add a priority tag
task $ID +next

# Show tasks finished in the last week
task end.after:today-1wk completed

# Mark a task done
task done $ID

# List contexts
task context list
# Define context
task context define work +office or +work
# Show current context
task context show
# Clear context
task context none


key desc
a add a task
A annotate a task
b start/stop task
d task done
D delete a task
e edit a task
P task priority
p task project
T task tags


Omnifocus tags

tag desc
@autodone(bool) whether the item automatically completes itself when its children are complete (true) or not (false). Named to match @done.
@tags(string1, string2) the tags to assign
@defer(date) defer until date, e.g. 2016-04-19 5pm or next Thursday -3d
@done(date) completed on date
@due(date) due on date
@estimate(time span) time estimate, e.g. 2h for 2 hours or 3w for 3 weeks.
@flagged present when an item is flagged
@parallel(bool) whether children are parallel (true) or sequential (false)
@repeat-method(method) the repeat method: fixed, start-after-completion, or due-after-completion
@repeat-rule(rule) an ICS repeat rule (see RFC244557), e.g. FREQ=WEEKLY;INTERVAL=1


JQL search queries

# Search for unresolved tickets with label foo
resolution=unresolved and labels=foo

# Ticket is unassigned
assignee is EMPTY

Common Fields


Agile Manifesto

Start with the principles, and then look at the practices


Keep each speaker to a very limited question set.




curl -H "Authorization: Bearer ${API_TOKEN}"${TASK_ITEM}

Project Management