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Process Management


flag action
-u Up. If the service is not running, start it. If the service stops, restart it.
-d Down. If the service is running, send it a TERM signal and then a CONT signal. After it stops, do not restart it.
-o Once. If the service is not running, start it. Do not restart it if it stops.
-p Pause. Send the service a STOP signal.
-c Continue. Send the service a CONT signal.
-h Hangup. Send the service a HUP signal.
-a Alarm. Send the service an ALRM signal.
-i Interrupt. Send the service an INT signal.
-t Terminate. Send the service a TERM signal.
-k Kill. Send the service a KILL signal.


Included in CentOS 6, Ubuntu

Scripts in /etc/init

Disable services by using .override instead of .conf on the files in /etc/init

echo manual > /etc/init/apache2.override


Traditional init systems used /etc/inittab


# See the current runlevel
who -r

# Change runlevel
init 5
telinit 5


File links that start with S start the service, K stops the service. Numbers determine order of operation.


Generally only available on RHEL-ish

# List services
chkconfig --list

# Turn httpd on at levels 2 and 4
chkconfig --level 24 httpd on


level desc
0 halt
1 single user mode
2 multi user mode
3 multi user mode w/ networking
4 not used/user-definable
5 runlevel 3 plus graphics
6 reboot