Snippets for yer computer needs

File Archiving


Clean a tar-bombed directory

tar -tf <file.tar.gz> | xargs rm -r

Remove VCS junk

tar --exclude-vcs -cf src.tar src/

Creating a gzipped tarball

# Zip a directory
tar czfv tobemade.tar.gz tobezipped/

Extracting tarballs

# tar.gz
tar zxvf [file]

# tar.bz2
tar jxvf [file]

Extract to a directory

tar ... -C /send/to/


Not POSIX 1996, but 2001

flag description
-i input
-o output
-p pass-through
# Copy-out mode
# diffoscope

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# Backups
# Restic


# Initialize the repo
restic init -r $REPO_PATH

# Run a backup
restic backup -r $REPO_PATH $PATH_TO_BACKUP

# List snapshots
restic snapshots -r $REPO_PATH