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Firepower Threat Defense - Firepower Management Center

Enabling the REST API

System>Configuration>REST API Preferences>Enable REST API

CLI Modes

Regular Firepower Threat Defense CLI:


To enter Diagnostic Mode, type system support diagnostic-cli

user exec:


privileged exec:


To enter Expert Mode, type expert


CA certs

# get CAs for a trustpoint
show crypto ca certificates [trustpointname]
# show CA trustpoints
show crypto ca trustpoints [trustpointname]

Cisco NX-OS

Get inventory of pluggables:

show inventory

Get details of installed SFP/SFP+’s:

show interface transceiver details

Cisco IOS

Mode Description
User generally no breaking changes allowed
Enable Allows privileged access to the equipment
Configuration Allows privileged access to the equipment
Command Description
[command] ? help mode
enable enter Enable (privileged) mode
configure terminal Move to global configuration mode
reload reboot IOS
show running-config Get current config
show startup-config Get startup config
copy running-config startup-config Save running config as startup config
erase startup-config erase startup-config file
show mac address-table [dynamic] show the MAC address table
show mac address-table count get MAC address space available
Command Description
show ip ssh show SSH configuration
show ssh show active SSH sessions
show ip bgp summary get quick info on BGP sessions

User access

! Set an enable mode secret
enable secret <PASSWORD>

! Only use version 2
ip ssh version 2

! Ask for a password with console login
line console 0
  password <PASSWORD>

! Ask for a username on a network connection (good god don't use telnet)
line vty 0 15
  login local
  username bob password burger
  transport input ssh


! Enable SSH
hostname foo
ip domain-name
crypto key generate rsa

! Remove a key
ip ssh pubkey-chain
username NAME
key-hash ssh-rsa HASH KEYNAME



show hw-module subslot 0/1 transceiver 0 status

factory reset switch

Note - check flash: for any residual crap

erase nvram:
delete flash:vlan.dat

also write erase

Reset port to default config

in config mode:

default interface FastEthernet 1/0/1

file system commands


CIMC CLI config guide


A higher security-level can always talk to a lower security-level, but not vice-versa. If you have an internet-facing ASA, the inside port is 100, a DMZ is 50, internet-facing is 0.

Common serial configuration defaults