Snippets for yer computer needs

Binary Analysis


# convert decimal to hexadecimal
rax2 42

# Get binary info
rabin2 -I FILE

# Examine executable
radare2 FILE

Visual mode

key thing
V visual mode
VV visual graph
c cursor mode
C change color


command desc
aa analyze “all” (good for most debugging)
aaa analyze all
afl analyze function list
afn name [addr] rename function [at address]
afvn name rename argument/local
axt [addr] find data/code references to this address
s [addr] seek to address


Interesting offsets (sections, functions, symbols, etc) are called “flags”

key thing
ie get entrypoint
iz list strings in data sections
izz search for all strings in binary
ii get imports
iI binary information
iS display sections
f show flags in flagspace
fs FLAG change to different flagspace


key thing
Ps Save project
Po Open project
. Interpret script


command thing
pdf print disassemble function
pd N disassemble N instructions
Cs [size] [@addr] Define a string
Cd [size] [repeat] [@addr] define array of data elements
Cf [sz] [fmt] [@addr] define a struct


command desc
… >file print to a file
… \ wc
… ~ pattern use internal grep
ecs show terminal colors


Binary Visualization